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Spring-Summer 2023 Collection

Spring-Summer 2023 Collection

Lou de Castellane offers a wave of freshness for his spring-summer collection 2023. Find out more about colourful bouquets and gourmets. A summery atmosphere in the heart of the trend that will appeal to all decoration professionalsSerenity, warmth and softness are explored through the photophoresraw materials, or even cameos of colours and flowers. The flower selection is sublimated by a multitude of glassworks and pottery to the colours and original stylesAs for theplant worldHe is not to be outdone. Plants, trees and leaf fall are always there. A whole range of glassware is associated with it, based on raw wood that brings a lot ofelegance and presence to the collection. This broad range of products offers multiple possibilities for decoration for the home : terrarium, candle jar or flower vases... A summer 23 collection, which feels good and brings a lot of sparkle to interiors 

Vases made of raw and noble materials for more authenticity

Transparent glassware or slightly tinted with green ; rounded shapescylindrical or more cubic; the range of vases is wide. The possibilities of decoration are multiple with our products: terrarium creationwith succulents and cactior ornamenting the green containers with our ferns or our capillaries to create an airy effect. From artificial flower bouquets are possible thanks to our wide range of roses, tulipsor dahlias.

Bringing colour to interior design

For the spring-summer 2023 collection, Lou de Castellane is still proposing a mix of very Peps shades. Tones of pink, coral, blue, green or yellow give each other the slip. The whole thing is sprinkled with a profusion of field flowers or other more exotic varietiesfor an explosive mix, but always harmonious. Dynamism and freshness are still in the spotlight for this collection, to the delight of florists or decoration professionals.

European crafts honoured

With mouth-blown vases for the most part made in Europewhose quality We offer a wide range of high quality glass containers.

The terracotta, also of European origin, is entirely hand turned by our partners pottery artisans. She enchants us with her southern accents, with her original shapes and colours.

With Lou de Castellane, it is possible to decorate your home in a way that ethical and sustainable.

Artificial flowers that are more real than life

Spring invites opulence, reverie and floral immersion... Colour, material, textureshape, size, a fan of flowers all more realistic each one more than the other. Invites itself into your interior design : tulip, magnoliaScabious, orchid, eucalyptus ... Enough to make beautiful bouquets or to set up a space for artificial flowers dazzling thanks to this beautiful assortment of rods.

From hand painted and assembled flowerswhose realism is remarkable for artificial flowers. Lou de Castellane flowers have no reason to be ashamed of the natural flowers. The real touch" quality gives them a more realistic feel.

Trends in plant decoration

The plant addictsIn addition to the above, many varieties of fruit and vegetables will be available for sale. sheets, falling foliage stakes ortrees. A multiple choice around the universe plant which allows, among other things, the realisation of green walls in private or professional spaces. To bring a touch of green in all simplicity, ficus, bamboo, monstera, fern or palm tree are also available.

From exotic foliage through the fat plantthe whole of the Lou de Castellane plant range is to be discovered urgently.

Lou de Castellane

Always at the heart of the trendthe spring summer 2023 collection Lou de Castellane, remains a guarantee of quality. Lou de Castellane, l'French elegance a brand that will give a real to your decoration or to the offer of your shop.

Let yourself be surprised and discover our flowers and decorative items. Our sales team will be happy to present it to you. You can already get an overview here on our catalogue.  

Finally, our complete offer is always available on our B to B sitePlease do not hesitate to contact us contact to get your access professional.

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