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Amadeus is the interior design brand that offers a renewal of its items every 6 months. With us, you never get bored; there is always something new!

 Our creative team develops new products every season that fit perfectly with the current trends, using the codes and colors of the season.

 As interior decoration is a reflection of those who live there, we offer you several atmospheres, in order to answer all styles, all desires, all decorating inspirations of the moment.

 One of our products will certainly be the next gift hit ❤️ from your customers!

 What trends for the Spring/Summer 2021 Season:

Looking for a comforting cocoon interior, marked by their personality, your clients will come to you looking for THE piece that will make the difference.

The trend this summer will be resolutely turned towards nature, comfort and softness.

The decor is purified to better enhance each element of the decor.

We magnify our favorites.

To share our passions with you, we offer you a journey to meet our stories:

Each theme is a house, which corresponds to a consumer profile.

From the "classic" customer, who likes her interior worked with the charm of the old; to the "traditional" customer who likes nature, the real, the raw; crossing the "indus" customer who likes these new lively places of life (restaurants, pizzerias and wine bars...); stopping at the "contempo" customer who likes the trend, the color and the design, to finish at the "traveler" who likes to collect objects coming from somewhere else... we sweep up all the possible profiles of our decoration consumers.

To animate these home styles, we integrate a seasonal theme each time.

This summer, it's the sea... to hear the sound of the waves, feel the sand under your feet and dream... Whether it's the Balinese beachfront or the Mediterranean deep waters, our stops are invitations to bask in the sun.

Come aboard with us for a little tour of the area:


The Classic House:

Dans les jardins du Chateau:

We set the table in the garden of the family home. A romantic atmosphere, in the middle of a green nature, allows us to reconnect to the simple pleasures: the perfume of the flowers, the song of the birds, the soft sound of the wind caressing the leaves of the trees. A bucolic break that allows us to rediscover the innocence of our early years.


Traditionnal House :

Le Bonheur est dans le Champ

A return to our roots in the countryside, where we appreciate good products, local produce and homemade food. We sit on a bale of straw, we breathe in the country smells and we become aware of the importance of the nature that surrounds us, we observe the farm animals and we take care of them.


The Industrial House :


A relaxed atmosphere where you don't hesitate to mix styles (vintage, industrial, ethnic...) Perfect to organize a coworking meeting, or an aperitif with your friends and family in small group. The new living spaces want you to feel "at home", we suggest you feel at home "as in a living space" ... until they reopen!

The Contemporary House:

Un été Survitaminé

Here is a theme with pep! A vitaminized color palette to keep our spirits up, simple, playful shapes, geometric lines. A contemporary and acidulous atmosphere to give rhythm to our interior.


 The Contemporary House:

 Evasion Graphique.

A bohemian and elegant universe that becomes more and more timeless. Let's travel in a chic and modern ethnic universe punctuated by two-tone graphics on a background of natural materials and neutral tones.


The Contemporary House :

 En eau profonde

A sea theme that takes a closer look at the ocean floor and the life that resides there. A fascinating universe, where we are amazed by corals, seaweeds, living beings and which invites us to think, at the same time, about the impact of our way of life on these ecosystems. Let's protect our planet!


The Contemporary House:

Escale Nature.

A globetrotter's interior traveling the planet in search of wonder, inspired by new scents, climates and flavors. A house of unique objects brought back from distant countries, which convey a story, and invite to dream. A Balinese stroll to give your home bohemian accents and go into "slowliving" mode.

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