For more than 15 years Amadeus Les Petits has been enchanting the bedrooms of our children from 0 to 10 years old.

Our creative team, based in the North of France, creates twice a year three magical collections! A mixed baby collection, a romantic little girl collection and a collection for boys with a modern style.

Specializing in birth gifts and decoration for older children, Amadeus Les Petits imagines fun and trendy products for everyone.

Specialist in birth gifts

Plaids, angel's nest or soft plush to wrap or reassure baby.

Souvenir boxes to keep those precious little things you don't want to forget.

Music boxes and wooden games for the first moments of awakening.

Night lights to take them to dreamland...

And for those who grow up and lose their teeth: milk tooth boxes, goodies boxes or bohemian dolls?

15 years of product expertise

Our production team works closely with our manufacturers and laboratories to develop products that are safe, ethical and comply with European regulatory requirements.