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The trends of the month

Amadeus is the brand name of interior design which offers a renewal of its products every 6 months. 

Our creative team develops each season new products that fit in perfectly with the current trendsand the codes and colours of the season.

Interior design As the house reflects the people who live there, we offer you several atmospheres, in order to meet all styles, all desires, all current decorating inspirations.

What trends for the Autumn Winter 2022/2023 season? 

Each theme is a house, which corresponds to a consumer profile.

From the customer " classic "who likes her interior worked with the charm of the old; to the customer " tradition By meeting the "indus" customer who likes nature, the real thing, the raw; by meeting the "indus" customer who likes these new lively places (restaurants, pizzerias and wine bars...); by stopping at the customer's home " contempo "who loves trends, colour and design, and ends up at the " traveller "We scan all the possible profiles of our decorating consumers.

To liven up these house styles, we incorporate a seasonal theme each time.

Join us for a tour of our themes:


A re-invented interior that combines iconic products from the past with more contemporary pieces. A sober museum spirit that combines with the elegance of the end-of-year festive tables.



For many, moving to the countryside is becoming a dream. A return to nature with warm and strong colours to enchant the winter and escape the greyness of the cities.



A warm refuge in altitude far from the crowd. A gentle Christmas where you receive your gifts by the fire among your family.



A nature lover's cottage, hiking, local craftsmanship that revitalizes the industrial style. Tinged with Native American cultural baggage, this theme updates the great Native American west and its history.



An interior that highlights natural materials and pure forms. Minimalist and softness are in the spotlight. A nice mix of modernity and authenticity, this decoration allows to create a serene and cocoon universe, in Slow life mode, in which we feel good.



An old loft renovated by city dwellers with a travelling soul. The atmosphere is modern and contemporary, punctuated by influences from elsewhere, evoking a well-deserved escape. 

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